Delloons is a family owned business established in September of 2020. Our unique marketing proposition is OURSELVES, Dolly, and Eddie. We are your Favorite Balloon Couple, here to make your balloon dreams come true.

We could not talk “About Us” without first bringing you along for a quick recap of our young trajectory.

The Birth

Dulcet Soirées is borned. At this point in time, we were an instagram account full of dreams and hoped to take on the event industry by storm.

The Balloon Takeover

After entering the Pandemic in March of 2020, we soon realized that we needed to reinvent our services in order to meet the demands of our clients. This month, we had our largest balloon order at the time, with a full 25 Mother’s Day bouquets that truly took us by storm.

The AHA Moment!

The transition to Balloons by Dulcet Soirées occurs. We were no longer passionate about event coordination, but BALLOONS! Balloons were our most requested service, so this transition was our AHA! Moment! This was by far the best decision we ever made.

It´s Official!

What started as an Instagram account fully nurtured by the love and support of our friends and family, was finally off to the races. As a newly registered business, so many exciting opportunities began to emerge!

We Went Full Time!

Part-time investment was no longer enough. Making the tough family decision to quit her job as a Clinical Supervisor, Dolly took the leap of faith. Together with a bag full of dreams for what BDS could be, and with a strong grip onto Eddie’s hand, we prepared to devote FULL TIME energy to the business.

Let´s get Our Teaching On!

For the first time we hosted our very first Balloon Decor course. Since then, we have had the pleasure to take part in the educational growth of over 500 students both online and in-person!

Broadening Our Horizons!

So many exciting adventures took place in the summer of 2022. From our very first in-person class, to attending our first balloon build, and convention, we truly submerged ourselves into the world of Balloons to bring our clients THE VERY BEST! This compilation of events all brings us here. We could not define DELLOONS without first recounting our journey and what it took for us to get to where we are today.


Let’s be real, Balloons by Dulcet Soirées is a complicated name. One that most of our clients, and students didn’t connect with. Truth be told, we no longer connected with it either. Our business brand, our essence, our spark is Dolly + Eddie. A young couple from NJ who ventured into the balloon world by accident, and through what Eddie thought would be just another one of Dolly’s hobbies.

DELLOONS is Dolly and Eddie. It is the rebirth of our business identity together, as a couple. Dolly will no longer be called Dulce. Our Spanish speaking clients will no longer have trouble saying Soirées. Our English speaking clients will no longer remember us as “the couple who does balloons, with the really long instagram name”.

DELLOONS is BOLD, IMPACTFUL, easy to pronounce in both languages (English + Spanish), but most importantly, it is our commitment to ourselves to continue to bring joy and happiness to each and every one of you through BALLOONS! DELLOONS is your number one Balloon Services destination. Experience DELLOONS, Deluxe Balloon styling within reach!

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